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Electrical services West Los Angeles

Monkey Electrician offers a unique approach to all the electrical contracting projects. We ensure professionalism in every project as this is one of the core pillars when it comes to building a strong business. In order to achieve growth, we also focus on satisfying every customer who seeks electrical services at Monkey Electrician. For ongoing maintenance and emergency response on electrical services, contact Monkey Electrician the best professionals.  We have successfully offered electrical services to commercial and residential customers.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Panel

We offer electrical troubleshooting for commercial and residential customers. Our team of electricians has advanced electrical equipment and tools for a fast diagnostics. Through quality service delivery, integrity, and best pricing model, we have earned a top rating in the industry. Our specialist will help in electrical troubleshooting and give a recommendation within a short period. Therefore, when you need expert electrical repair services, contact Monkey Electrician. We will provide premier electrical troubleshooting ensuring you do not experience electrical faults anymore. Some signs of an electrical fault that might require troubleshooting include burning smell, burn marks around the sockets and switches, circuit breakers tripping constantly, and dimming lights. In case you experience either of the above, contact us today for best technical assistance on electrical troubleshooting and other services.

Power outlets, Switch and Wiring

If you want to add power outlets or an extra switch, contact Monkey Electrician the best electrical installers in West Los Angeles. We also do electrical wiring for residential and commercial property. Our electrical installation technicians will help you choose the best outlets that will meet your needs and ensure proper wiring has been done. After the installation, we shall test to make sure the installed power outlets, the switches, and the electrical wiring are fully functional.

Lighting Installation

Proper lighting is the best approach for ensuring your property looks good and attractive. At Monkey Electrician, we are committed to enhancing the appeal of your property through the provision of best lighting installs. We shall provide exceptional lighting installation for better visibility. For new lighting installations, we advise our customers how to go about choosing the lighting equipment. We will also advise you on the best location for different lighting. We have the required skills for exterior and interior lighting on commercial and residential properties. Call us today for a quote on electrical installations.